Delicious food in Split

Where to eat in Split ?

Must visit restaurants and food stops in Split:

1. Corto Maltese Freestyle food 

Our story it’s not only about food it is about life style and quality, living underneath the bluest sky in the world, feeling Mediterranean in your bones.

2. Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar

La Boqueria colors, Mediterranean flavors and Dalmatian vibe in a unique, vibrant piazza.


At Sexy Cow you can find everything from their self titled menu item the “Sexy Cow” which includes rump steak, guacamole, tomato salad, lettuce, roasted onions, and their signature “sexy cow” chef sauce.

4. Chops Grill – steak & seafood

CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood is located in Split centre, just off the Marmontova main street. We offer great steaks & seafood, pastas and salads all paired with carefully chosen Croatian wines. We also offer great choice of full breakfasts!

5. Toto’s Burger Bar

Self service burger bar with healthy dishes.


Written by Tomislav


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