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The bottom of the sea, along almost 1,800km of the Croatian coast, is adorned by a few hundred recorded wrecks. Yes, you read it right, a few hundred wrecks! Shipwrecks in Croatia are scattered from the northernmost to the southernmost point. The oldest shipwreck is 3200 years old (dated to 1200 BC) and the youngest is the two years old wreck of Yugoslav President Tito’s flagship. It is estimated that the wrecks in Croatia are generally in a better state than the others in European waters, and, of importance, we also have those that can even be considered as a world heritage. Not all our “underwater museums” are available for diving but at your disposal, there are about 70 wrecks full of history and stories. Since there are so many wrecks, we will present to you the greatest ones, so let start.

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