Nightlife in Split

Central the club

Super fancy club, good music and high ambient, ideal for a fantastic memories


Vanilla night club is a place that works throughout the whole year. It is a trendy club, especially for local students but also for any tourist who is looking for fun times.


Fabrique is a typical bar with several amenities included, such as great location, relaxing atmosphere, and various kinds of foods and drinks.


If you are in Split and are looking for a night club, this is a place for you. It is located near one of the beaches in Split, and it is an attraction to many locals but mostly tourists around the world. Great atmosphere, friendly staff.

Hemingway club

This places used to be a must-go night club a few years ago. However, today, it is most attractive for youth and group parties. This club has it all, different kinds of drinks, genres of music. Fun times are guaranteed.

Day and night bar “tennis”  

This place is unique because it is viral during a day, but has nightlife as well. If you are a fan of tennis and relaxing atmosphere near the Adriatic Sea, this is a place for you to spend some time with your friends and loved ones. As far as the nightlife goes, it has to offer a significant number of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, and an unforgettable experience.


It is the second most famous club in Split. It is located on the beach, and tourists are in love with it. The reason why is because it offers all kinds of music, many great DJ artists and a fantastic atmosphere.

Cox bar

This club is located near the entrance for Znjan beach. During the day time, you can enjoy non-alcoholic beverages along with a swim or cards with your friends. On another hand, nightlife offers many fun memories, one of which is going for a swim after the place closes up. Worth a try!


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