Zadar attractions

Zadar attractions and what you must see and visit.

Sea Organ

1. Sea Organ is located in the western part of the Zadar’s seafront. Stone steps stretch for about 70 meters along the coastline, which have embedded pipes that produce sounds and amplify it throughout the promenade.

The instrument has 7 clusters, each consisting of 5 tones and the author of the music is the unpredictable sea. „Monument to the sun“ is composed of 300 glass panels aligned in a circle. Underneath those panels are located solar modules that establish the communication with nature while creating beautiful rhythmic light shows resembling the looks of wave movement and sea organ.

2. Roman Forum in Zadar is, by all measures, one of the largest in Adriatic. It was the center of public life in the past. The most famous street in Zadar – Kalelarga starts at the Large Square (Platea Magna). For citizens of Zadar, this street has always been the symbol of their city, the place for gathering and hanging out.

We’d also recommend visiting Proveditor´s Palace – located in the center of the city’s core, then Square „Pet bunara“ – water tanks with five decorative wreaths.

Rector´s Palace

3. Rector´s Palace

This contemporarily equipped cultural-historical complex extends on 2000 square meters and units at the same time a museum space, an atrium, concert hall, halls for temporary exhibitions, video gallery, a multimedia hall, and also rooms for educational and creational workshops. The Palace´s architecture, the ambient space, and the picturesqueness of the environment represent additional excitement for cultural enthusiasts. Modernly renovated Rector´s Palace became during its first year of work a must-see-place in Zadar and won the annual Croatian tourist award in the category of cultural attractions in 2017.


4. Kalelarga

Kalelarga, also known as the Wide Street, is the first and most famous street in the city of Zadar. Some people say it is even older than the city itself, spreading in the direction west-east from People´s Square to the city’s famous Forum.


5. Riva

Sea promenade called Riva is a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy its beautiful green parks and palm trees.


6. ARSENAL (The Armory)

Initially built in the 18th century to service the naval fleet that protected the Venetian Republic´s valuable trade routes, today the Arsenal has become a focus for of art and entertainment. It has embraced the Mediterranean lifestyle bringing together elements of history, music, art, food, and wine.

7. The most beautiful sunsets in the world

Many tourists are visiting Zadar to enjoy unforgettable sunsets with a view of nearby islands. Many of them will remember Zadar throughout their lives by the meeting of the sinking sun and the sea.

There are also many other great places to visit in Zadar, but with these, you can have a good start.

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